Smiles all round as Rolls-Royce present the SPE team with stamps & certificates.

July 2018 saw SPE become Rolls-Royce Submarines’ first machining supplier to graduate their self-certification process. Members of SPE’s quality team completed three stages of development; shadowing, demonstrating and assessment, which culminated in them qualifying as Customer Release Inspectors (CRI).

Early in 2018 SPE began helping Rolls-Royce develop the framework for self-certification, an initiative which should see around 70% of all work delivered to Rolls-Royce having its final approval provided by the supplier.

Rhydian Jones, Head of Supplier Capability for Rolls-Royce Submarines, said “I very much appreciate the joint effort our teams have put into the ‘Self Certification’ process to date. SPE should be proud to have gained this approval.”

The SPE team are delighted to help key-customers improve efficiency and effectiveness, and to be right at the front of this new initiative. The process is now planned for roll out at other representative of the Submarines supply chain.