Thursday 22nd November was a big day for SPE when it became the first supplier to be presented with a Silver award as part of Rolls-Royce Submarines going for Gold programme.


The award recognises the achievement of Class Leading performance and the culmination of 12 months of collaborative effort. Rolls Royce’s Integrated Score Card (ISC) paints a convincing picture of the impact made this year. The ISC approach scores a supplier’s performance in five areas; Quality, Delivery, Cost, Management & Technology. September 2017 saw SPE’s overall ISC score at 71%, a year later SPE are at 98% and looking to close the year at 100%.


Stuart Handley, Managing Director of SPE, said ‘It’s been a great year for SPE. We’ve just signed a new Long-Term Agreement with Rolls-Royce, so we couldn’t be happier to receive this award. We want to read across this excellent practice with other key customers, and to use this demonstration of world class performance to encourage potential new customers, especially in the aerospace sector.”


Stepped changes in 2018 have been multi-faceted. Cross functional teams have participated in Relationship Management Reviews, Value Stream Mapping (VSM) exercises, close order book management, joint problem solving and SPE becoming the first machining supplier to introduce Customer Release Inspectors (CRI).


Rhydian Jones, Head of Supplier Capability at Rolls-Royce Submarines, said, “It was great to be able to reward the SPE team for the effort and hard work they have put in over the past 12 months. They are the first Submarines supplier to achieve ‘Silver’ status and are now setting the benchmark within the supply chain. Thank you and keep up the good work!”