Job Purpose:

To maintain workflow, show leadership and use engineering knowledge to process work in the most efficient way possible to improve OEE at all times.

Initiate and encourage a spirit of cooperation in line with the company’s core values.


Main Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Plan and co-ordinate manufacturing activities within cells to meet customer delivery schedules.
  • Ensure work travels through the shop floor in the most efficient way and KPI’s are met.
  • Optimise productivity to meet production KPI’s and reduction in cost of quality .
  • Update SQCDP-BP boards daily and report on daily boardwalk.
  • Maintain staffing levels in the sections and ensure all associated stakeholders are informed (Viper update, HR, Return to Work etc).
  • Be the driver for “Parts out the door” concept, ensuring all parts when completed in inspection get pushed through C&P, Quality and out on time to the customer.
  • Maintain the Health & Safety policy and environmental compliance within the section through the control of those hazards that create a risk of loss to employees, property, products and company reputation.
  • Ensure that internal procedures and objectives are adhered to in order to meet the quality standards of the business as well as maintaining policies, procedures and standards in accordance with AS9100 and any other product certification requirement.
  • Provide professional leadership and direction to the sections, including helping with any programming, routing and machining issues that may arise.
  • Take direct responsibility for the production in the sections, to exceed customer expectations in terms of delivery and quality.
  • Liaise with other sections as required at daily production meetings, clearly defining capacity issues/opportunities in order to improve workflow throughout the factory and deliver the monthly sales loading.
  • Ensure machine tools are regularly maintained in line with the company’s procedures.
  • Facilitate formal Toolbox Talks & SQCDP boards.
  • Ensure the machining sections have an OEE in line with the company standard.
  • Ensure 5S is resourced, planned, executed and delivered in the section. Maintaining WIP squares and “parts to go” area in section


  • Expert set up and operation of CNC multi axis machines
  • Exposure of working with MTO scheduling tool to front load and plan work
  • Ability to program CNC machines for complex jobs when required
  • Challenging routings etc to find a more efficient way of machining parts.


  • Experience of working with MTO scheduling tool to front load and plan work
  • Ability to program CNC machines for complex jobs to consistently improve performance via set up times, routings, overall efficiency
  • Evidence of consistently improving CNC performance times through multi manning etc
  • Running successful CI events on the shop floor with measured close out reports
  • Key stakeholder management in the improvement of OEE
  • Previous team leader/ supervisor experience

 Skills & Knowledge:

  • a logical and systematic approach to work
  • good time management ability
  • the ability to solve problems and make decisions, as well as think laterally and offer creative solutions
  • some degree of IT literacy and the ability to handle electronic data
  • the ability to manage change
  • strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work well as part of a team, as well as manage people
  • excellent communication skills, both oral and written
  • negotiation and analytical skills
  • a positive attitude to continued learning.