Tomorrow’s Workforce: Apprenticeships

The next generation of engineers are critical to our success and we believe SPE offers one of the best SME environments for apprentices nationally.

Apprenticeships at Switool

Our apprenticeship programmes offer personalised learning within a structured environment whilst providing formal sponsorship through either NVQ, BTEC or degree level qualifications. Our close links with further education providers along with our dedicated Technical Training expert ensure our apprentices have the best chance of success within their chosen field. As an SME we have the flexibility to tailor the Apprenticeship programmes through a combination of knowledge, skills, abilities and also personal attributes that can be measured and observed though our in-house competency framework.

We believe that apprentices of this country deserve the chance to excel and therefore take our responsibility to contribute to the future of tomorrow’s engineers extremely seriously. SPE’s commitment to growing our own talent is demonstrated nowhere better than our senior leadership team, where some members started in the company as original Swiftool apprentices.

We have significant future investment planned to increase the capacity for the training and development of future engineers where we strive to develop ground breaking SME training solutions.

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