“Quality without Compromise” is at the heart of our business. The success of our company depends on great performance with quality of service underpinning everything we do. Even since our early days in 1986, Swiftool Precision Engineering was the first engineering company in Nottinghamshire to achieve ISO9001:2008, formerly BS5750.

Tooling equipment

Today we continue this commitment through our internationally recognised quality approvals:

  • AS 9100 REV D

  • ISO 9001

  • Rolls Royce SABRe

  • GS3001 approved

  • ADS 21st Century Supply Chains

  • SC21 Silver Award

Our processes are quality orientated focused on continual improvement. SPE has a comprehensive quality management system complimented by robust diagnostic frameworks designed to verify organisational effectiveness. These are continually updated by our dedicated Quality department, tested by our global customers and validated through the highest awards for quality and delivery within the 21st Century supply chain.

Continual Improvement

Here at SPE Continual Improvement (CI) is a foundation activity which receives our constant focus. This approach is deployed by closely monitoring the performance of people, cost, productivity, processes and plant. SPE develops employees to utilise the full range of CI tools and techniques, from Value Stream Mapping to visual management, kaizen bursts to Six Sigma projects. This framework sits at the core of our Quality Management System, helps us achieve exceptional HSE, quality, on time delivery scores and provides constant focus on our strategic objectives by demonstrating capable processes.

The success of our company depends on great performance; the quality of our customer service, driven by CI methodologies to improve the efficiency & effectiveness of everything we do. Our people, relationships, our product, customer service and overall quality has brought us multiple awards, all of which are testament to the passion we have for placing continuous improve at the heart of our business.

Recent Impacts & Benefits achieved using CI approaches at SPE include:

  • Improving inspection throughput by almost 50%, reducing waiting time by c.30hrs p/m (measured over the last six months)

  • Integrating shop floor data collection (SFDC) with Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) techniques to give real time performance monitoring

  • Refining daily boardwalk to measure each ‘pulse point of the business’ against a daily £ target, with am and pm reviews used to identify inefficiencies and engage workforce at all levels and reducing costs.

  • Developing a bespoke ‘Heat Map’ tool for our MRP with load ‘vs’ capacity functionality which is industry leading for real time resource planning and inventory reporting

  • Reducing tooling spend by almost 4%

  • Improving Works Order on time in full (OTFI) launching from c.70% to 91%

  • Using CMM, optical measuring and manual equipment to increase in process inspection at the point of manufacture

Quality Policy

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Quality Policy

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