SPE supply parts into the most safety critical environments.

Verification of the absence of foreign object debris and of contaminated material is vital and requires commitment, diligence and experience. We are proud to have built and equipped a Rolls Royce Grade A approved clean room in which we can assemble and clean high integrity component parts in a controlled environment.

In order to improve the cleanliness of deep galleried products and reduce costs, SPE have invested in an automated cleaning facility. The MecWash MWX400 system enables ultrasonic wash and rinse, flood wash and rinse, mist rinse, spray wash and rinse, hot air dry and vacuum dry. This facility is also grade A approved and reduces cycle times by up to 75%.

SPE are experts in field at shipping high value, critical parts to customers around the world. Our dedicated Military packaging cell ensures parts are freight – ready for dispatch, rising to the challenge of customer and customs packing requirements such as ISPM.

  • World class grade A cleaning solutions

  • SABre Certified

  • Ultrasonic cleaning

  • Grade B&C cleaning including ferratic testing and packaging to Def stan 81-41.

Removing debris from a component
Pressure Testing
Clean Room

Our Mission

Swiftool Precision Engineering’s mission is to be recognised as the leading precision engineering company in the country. We will provide our customers with best in class service at an economic price through an ongoing system of quality and efficiency improvements in all areas of the company’s activities.

Our knowledgeable and professional staff will strive to excel in co-operation internally and externally between our people, our customers, and our suppliers creating industry leading satisfaction.

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